(Bag & Storage of Dresses)

While making Irish Dancing Dresses it became clear that because of the cost of the garment they needed protection. I set about designing a bag that would not only protect the dress from getting damaged and bent at competition but could be used as a permanent storage facility.

(NB) Dresses should not be on a hanger in a closet but in a bag that supports the skirt, preferably laid flat. The bag I have designed takes care of the points above and is also a fashionable carrier. This also applies to dance accessories.

1. Ireland-Registered Design No D.13219
2. United Kingdom-Registered Design No. 2089646
3. Australia-Registered Design No.141194
4. New Zealand-Registered Design No. 30432
5. Canadian Registered Design No. 92018
6. United States Registered Design No. D444,625 S

7. United States Registered Design No. D461-310 S